Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kami, kami & kami will always be kami kan ?

I dont have much things to say because all those things already said by you, Kyna. I only can let my tears flowing out of my eyes after I have rolling my eyes on my dear Kyna's blog on her post. Seriously even though me is not really PERIHATIN TERHADAP KAWAN KAWAN but yet I love all of you, especially both of you Zack & Kyna. It just I dont know how to expose it but I did, since we always have each other. :'(

Sorry for everything.

Zack, even though I always marah - marah you thats just because I care. I dont want my dearest act like sooo menjatuhkan diri sendiri. I know, you dont like to hear all of that & you even dont care. You care ? Really ? Alhamdulillah I did help you.. tapi why you still do it ? Ok lah still cannot change your old passion ya ? Tak apa, take time ya, after this I cant marah - marah you anymore. Be happy tau. :') Please do take care. Please, THINK BEFORE YOU TALK sebab Nana tak boleh tolong Zack lagi. I love you bro. Sorry ya ruin your life. Will miss you much much much BUDAK BAWAH UMUR YANG TAK MATANG. *last time ya Nana cakap macam ni, after this cannot dah. :')

Kyna, sorry too. We still friend right walaupun just left two of us. I hope everything will be ok like we did before, on our 1st sem. Hm, we gonna lost our only bro. Yes, it will only be ___KYNANA. No more ZACK. It is ok he need to go, it is for his own future, just let him go happily. :'( Still I need you friends. Seriously Kyna, I wont say anything dah if you nak buat apa pun just do it. I will help my self to shut up ! Sorry tau :') I love you KINOS !

Zack, Kyna,
Sorry again I didn't make it :( Nana cakap nak upload semua gambar kita semua but till now still tak upload. Sorry, Nana cakap nak sama - sama jayakan Dr. Mix & Match but till now belum success. Nana rasa banyak dah jadi omongan kosong, salah Nana banyak betul. Maaf. I know Im not a good friend to be. Before I forget, sorry because on our previous sem Nana buat tak endah dekat kau orang. Bodoh. Bengong. Bangang. Nana lah tu. Janji ! Nana tak buat lagi dah ! Nana sayang kau orang. Hope can together with both of you nanti Deg pun. Master. PhD. Semualah ! Betul, Nana still angankan untuk Deg dekat Aussie dengan kau orang, tapi if kau orang nak juga Deg dekat USM tu Nana akan follow juga. Nana tak nak hilang kau orang lagi. Silently, it hurts me. :'(

Bergunung, sorryyy !

Much of love,
your stupid friend, NANA.

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