Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clinic Cafe

See the cross. Its so symbolic.
Kak Fatin wth our Lemonade Juices.
What I can say, its aint taste like Lemonade. 
At last. Our foooood safely arrived ! Lol XD

What we do with it. Smile as sweet as you are. Muacks :*

Place : Clinic Cafe, Gurney.
Time : Lunch. (May, 8, 2012)
Food : Briyani Fried Rice - Prawn + Lemonade Juice & Paprik Fried Rice - Prawn + Lemonade Juice. (Lunch Set)
Price : Rm 11.80 / set.

Tongue speaks : I truly love the creative design of the cafe indeed but my taste buds isn't really like the food. But you can come to try yourself how would it feel like to taste your food in the kidney dishes and some more hospital instruments ;D Its fun !

Don't expect the good place always have the better taste.
But if you enjoy yourself, everything will be good.

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