Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opiniophobe ?

Are you opiniophobe ?

Yah many of us afraid of other people opinionsssssss ! Agree ? Don't lie lah ! Come out ! Face it lah !
Most will just rejected without thinking much pros & cons about that. Why ? If your brain keep on telling you to ignore it, straightly you will just ignore it !
Heyyyyyyyyyyy friendssssssss ! Let us thinkkkkk about it together. 
*reset our mind to let all the positive thinking move in.

"What do they know about me ? Who are they to simply critic about others ?"

Okay even me lah yes I admit, I also don't like people comments me. But still I need other people opinions somehow. I don't breathe in this rounded world to always stay on my own. I need family. I need friends. I need all of them to keep on telling me that I'm not always on the right track. I need it because that is only a way for me to realize that people still concern & care about me. :') 
Loads of thanks people ! <3


#Adik Atie

Yes adik, I know you can't accept other's people advises or opinions.
But please don't let me begging you to learn & try. *sigh
Learn to accept people's opinions. Try to think & adopt all the positive things.
Don't simply hate others but hate yourself because you make mistakes & making people comments you.
All of us do & did make mistakes but as a human we need to experiencing it. That is life !
Only that will turn us to become a strong-hearted person. Yeah !
I promise you, 1 day you will thanks people. Why ? 1 day, you will know lah :')
We cannot always want others to follow our rules & style but we can give opinions when we also can adapt others comments. 

Adik, try lah say I CAN & stop saying I CAN'T !
Because as a human we can change to whatever sides you want to.
Even bad or good. Only you can decide it.

YOU CAN adik ! Kak Nana also CAN ! Everyone CAN ! 
Nothing impossible. Believe me.

Best of luck,
Kak Nana <3

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