Monday, July 25, 2011

Bila dia tak ada..

Hmm I dont know what actually I feel right now.
Yes, Im happy because he is always with me, but..
in the same time I feel like something is missing in my life.

When I think & keep thinking..

Now I realize that I make a mistake.
Actually I know that  I L*VE HIM !
Sorry for not let u know. Im just confused~

"Nana rindu sangat nak bertekak dengan dia, 
Nana rindu sangat nak tengok dia caring,
Nana rindu nak kena ceramah macam selalu,
Nana rindu sangat nak kongsi cerita hidup Nana,
Nana rindu sangat dekat dia !"


That is a piece of previous chapter in my life that I was regret !

Yes I day I will have someone that I want so.
But still I miss u too ! 

Ok thats my fate. 
I just need to accept it lah kan. :)

*** I hope that u will always happy with her.
& please dont leave her like what u did before. 
Its will hurt her & enough to kill her soul.
I will always pray for ur happiness & have a good life.
Take care ya ! :')


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